The Top 10 Rowing Machine Benefits

Let’s face facts, Rowing is one of the most effective forms of exercise there is, and there are so many reasons why long term use of a rowing machine benefits not just your body, but also your mind. For low impact, high calorie workouts at home, or in the gym, a rowing machine is a brilliant piece of cost effective kit. We have rowed thousands of kilometers on the best rowing machines in the world, and the advice we can offer will save you time, effort and money.

1). A Rowing Machine Benefits Your Waist Line!

It is a fact of life that many people are constantly looking for simple and efficient ways to lose weight. A good work out on a good rowing machine can burn around 700-800 calories per hour. Considering that the average woman uses 2,000 calories on a daily basis, and the average man 2,500, a rowing machine benefits your weight loss by quickly using up a lot of calories that could otherwise be stored as fat.

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2). A Rowing Machine Benefits Your Lungs!

The lungs, like other body organs, need to be given out their own workout to achieve full capacity and efficiency. Using your lungs to a greater extent, primarily through exercise, can considerably increase strength, resistance and capacity (meaning your lungs are capable of taking in and processing more air) over time. A rowing machine benefits your lungs, and your general overall breathing by providing the correct gradual aerobic impact your lungs need.

3). A Rowing Machine Benefits Your Heart!

Your heart is under constant strain. Fat deposits, thinning of arteries can be a real problem at you grow older. A rowing machine benefits your heart by giving it a steady and consistent work out, that helps boost blood flow which in turn promotes long term heart muscle strength.

4). A Rowing Machine Benefits Your Body Shape!

Not only should you lose weight by regular rowing, but ongoing use of a rowing machines benefits the definition in your arms (biceps and triceps), shoulders and legs. Your stomach muscles are also worked and your back is also gradually strengthened.

5). A Rowing Machine Benefits Every Muscle Group!

It is difficult to find an exercise that is so good for so many areas of your body. A rowing machine benefits your arms, back, shoulders, abdomen as well as your legs and hips (as you row forwards and backwards. Your torso is involved in the work and your brain needs to work out a good rhythm to co-ordinate them all together!

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The Rowing Machine Benefits Of The Concept 2

Rowing Machine Benefits Review of the Concept 2

If you don’t want to visit gym on an ongoing basis to keep in shape, having your own top class rowing machine can really be a good investment – plus you will save on the gym fees!. Rowing is believed by many to be a good workout, based on low impact but high levels of cardio stimulation. The Concept 2 is regarded by many rowers as the best rowing machine ever made.

You will get an advantage of higher muscle endurance and you will also lose weight (as long as you eat correctly!) and you will definitely build up your stamina levels… Doing rowing 30-45 minutes a day will be effective and will offer you lots of rowing machine benefits to scale back your weight, keep fit and keep your joints and muscle groups strong. Please see our Top 10 Rowing Machine Benefits

The upper and lower parts of your body will be benefited with better blood circulation, so your kidney, liver and pancreas will be stimulated to work smoothly. The Concept 2 Rowing Machine benefits its users probably more than any other rower around. The Concept2 is, quite simply, the most popular and well used stationary rowing machine in the world.

Rowing Machine Benefits & Advantages Of The Concept 2

The Concept 2 rower is quiet and replicates the smooth feeling of rowing on water, thanks to the air flywheel which makes it similar to the genuine rowing activity. The set up of the rower is based on a sturdy chain resistance method, which is not only effective, but extremely hard wearing. It is not uncommon for a Concept 2 machine to be used day in, day out for thousands (perhaps millions) of kilometres rowed by people of all shapes, sizes and standards, and still to never break down. It really is a very robust machine indeed.

There are cheaper rowing machines available than the Concept 2, but you will be hard pushed to find one that lasts as long, and therefore gives you an excellent “bang for your buck” and great rowing machine benefits over a period of years.

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Rowing Machine Benefits For Life!


A Rowing Machine Benefits Your Body!

A Rowing Machine Benefits Your Body!

In terms of looking at the best overall exercise for your body, there is a huge amount of proof that a rowing machine benefits your body for pretty much for all of your life. Read More